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Google pacman-the best doodle?

google pacman2 150x150 Google pacman the best doodle?People are always on the lookout for something and new and innovative everyday. The search engine Google has responded very well to the demands of the recent times by starting the new concept of Google doodle. Today, it is the turn of the new doodle, bucky ball to take the place of the ‘o’ in Google and attract the users. This has been used as a representation of the 25th anniversary of the bucky ball development. One can use his mouse, to get a better view of the bucky ball, as it rotates in different directions when you take the mouse pointer near it.
This event has made people think of another doodle that was famous a few days back, the Google pacman. People feel that the interest the pacman doodle created cannot be compared with that of bucky ball. The reason for this is that pacman was one of the best games of the olden times that was liked by people of almost all age groups.

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