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Course Compass Labs

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Course Compass is the ultimate web destination for those who want to pass their labs. The labs include math labs accounting labs, health lab, nutrition lab, economics lab, statistics lab and all other kinds of labs plus custom labs as well.

Course Compass is associated with Pearson Labs and all labs are awarded certification from Pearson’s on the completion of any particular lab.

The Course Compass website shows all that the student or the educator needs to do in order to get started at studying for, performing or designing a lab. For the educators the lab could be designed by creating custom exams and custom procedures which the website gives full access to and for the students the access could granted to their favorite subjects and the subjects to which they want to complete a lab for.

There is of course a fee for each kind of service that might amount to different sums of money according to the nature of the course or the exam, but every fee could be paid online through credit cards or other money exchangers. The website is very flexible in this regard. There is also a systems requirement section of the website that tells the student or the educator about the system requirement that is necessary to run the software that the site provides or the type of internet connection that is required for the student or the educator to smoothly work. These system criteria must be followed in order to experience a flawless lab experience.

Course Compass

course compass

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